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Olathe Hopes New Downtown Apartments Spur Economic Growth

The city of Olathe is hoping that a new apartment complex will serve as the starting point for a downtown revival.

Recently, the Arrello Apartments in downtown Olathe, built by the Indianapolis-based Milhaus Development Company for $37 million, opened its doors at the location of the former Olathe Public Library’s downtown branch, on the southeast corner of Park and Chestnut streets.

It is the first residential construction in the downtown region in more than 30 years, and it will serve as a catalyst for restoration efforts in the core, according to municipal spokesperson Cody Kennedy.

According to Kennedy, the city’s chief communications and marketing officer, “as more people move into the downtown area, we want to see an increase in the number of small businesses that serve not just the inhabitants of downtown, but also other tourists.”

In addition to identifying new resources and potential incentives to help and promote greater commercial and retail uses in downtown Olathe, Kennedy said the city is trying to establish a target for projected retail or office space.

The finished 356,821-square-foot, seven-story courthouse, located at 150 W. Santa Fe St., is just around the corner from Arrello. It is directly across the street from the previous courthouse, which was built in 1952, and just west of Olathe City Hall, according to the city.

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